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Inspire Children and Youth Trust

Inspire Children and Youth Trust is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (Reg No: 188-455) and Public Benefit Organisation (Reg No: 930056944) of a public character, established for the Main Objective of developing sustainable rural development strategies, systems and support to; unlock the potential of people, transform communities, promote democracy and restore human dignity.
Without limiting the general nature thereof, the Main Objective includes:
(1) Creating safe spaces for children and youth to transform into educated, healthy and financially independent adults who are self-sufficient and able to positively contribute to the transformation of their families, communities and country;
(2) Identifying, researching, implementing, monitoring and evaluating core needs, challenges and possible opportunities of rural communities;
(3) Providing capacity building, training and support to other organisations with similar aims;
(4) Promoting sustainable rural communities;
(5) Creating awareness and providing environmental education to rural communities.