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Institute for the Blind

Our vision
Together we create a future for visually impaired persons.

Our mission
To empower persons who are:

Partially sighted or
Deaf blind, including
Persons with additional disabilities
By means of:

Development and

...towards a fulfilled life and complete citizenship

We are a registered non-profit organisation
As a program of Badisa, the Institute is registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO number: 011-891), as well as a Public Benefit organisation (number: 930 006 348).

Remember that any donation to us is tax deductable.

Our relationship with Badisa
The Institute for the Blind operates under the auspices protection of Badisa - the umbrella organisation that was formed to consolidate the social service programs of the Dutch Reformed church in SA (Western and Sourthern Cape) and the Uniting Reformed Church of SA (Cape).

The word Badisa is a fusion of three Afrikaans words - Compassion (Barmhartigheid), Service (Diens), Together (Saam). Badisa is also a Tswana word meaning "Shepherd" and "caregiver".