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Intelligent Kids Daycare

We are educating children in the community and surrounding areas. As we are in the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution, we want to prepare the children for the future of the job market, the future of society and responsibilities. This will include:

? We are taking care of children from 3 month to 6 years. We are teaching grade Rs.

? After care and after hour care for children with working parents will be provided. There will be no penalties and fines for late coming parents.

? 24/7 creche for parents who work weekends and nightshift.

? Class layouts which will provide better learning for the children.

? Giving children an excellent foundation in English and math.

? Providing them with the first experience in coding through fun hands-on games and activities that make kids think like a computer programmer. So, activities that promote logical thinking, and have a problem to solve. Children learn best when they are having fun.

? Making extensive use of electronic devises like tablets and large interactive touch screens, reducing the use of paper as much as possible and at the same time also taking care of the environment.

? Using low end 3D Printers to create simple educational toys with teams of teacher and learners. Children will be introduced to the future of design and manufacturing.

? Teaching creativity, leadership and working in teams.

? Kids are also learning to work independent, to prepare them for home schooling and studying from home, and to prepare them for life-long learning.