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Intsapho Teen Movement

Founding Members: Chaye Almacin (18) and her younger sibling Jayde (15) passionate and dedicated to the less fortunate since they were 7 and 5 years old, these two sisters have started the Intsapho Teen Movement NPC - Intsapho meaning "Family" is to reach out and help more people in and around Cape Town, rather than just in their own community.
Twice a week we distribute app 300 meals to the homeless in Wynberg/Plumstead/Southfield community, and at an Informal Settlement in Flamingo Crescent in Lansdowne We also try and reach out to the homes of desperate Families / Teens in Cape Town providing basic food/toiletry needs; where and when we can, we currently assist 4 less fortunate families with food and basic household provisions
Intsapho Teen Movement does not receive core funding and largely rely on the generosity and commitment of family members and friends who contribute to the cause. Covid19 has impacted many, and the donations are becoming less