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REDEEM – As an institution we are motivated to Redeem the spirit of those who come into our programme. We believe this is the foundation on which the recovery of an addict is built. This endures lasting change and will in return help the individuals within our programme to find their identities which was once lost.

RESTORE – We believe that the restoration of an addict has to find root in the soul, which consists of mind, will and emotions. Behind every addiction is an untold story, hence as an institution we strive to reintegrate them back into community builders and restoration builders

RELEASE – Once the bridge between the redemption and the restoration of addicts within our programme has been built we then release them into destiny as carriers of chance. Their story becomes one of redemption , restoration and destiny.

Community Programmes

SAPS – working together to ensure a drug and crime free community

Community outreach – Helping kids with school work and getting them engaged with sports activities. We also have a feeding scheme whereby we provide kids with breakfast before school.

School programs – Educating our youngsters at Westbury High school about the dangers and consequences of drugs.

Prison Outreach – As an institution we visit various prisons, sharing our message of redemption, restoration and destiny.

Healing the Family – One of our endless pursuits is to try and ensure that the individual gets a second chance with family, as this is ultimately what our hearts beat for.

"Embracing change and Improving Lives"