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Youth Life

The ideal client/beneficiary for Youth Life is a no-income earner or supported by family, currently unemployed, who has less potential than others in the community to succeed or achieve advancement in work or skills development. This may be due to not graduating high school or attending college, family poverty situation/Child headed families, or simply being depended on government grants. These individuals are not unemployable, but have greater creativity and drive than available awareness that gives them the ability to exercise their choices. These individuals are perfect candidates for micro entrepreneurship and skills development.

The typical Youth Life client has only a basic concept of how he can create a workable career path development. He/she is unemployed and does not see many opportunities to better
himself because he did not finish high school. At YOUTH LIFE, he is surrounded by other supportive members of his community, who share the drive to achieve financial independence and exercise their creativity in a way that they cannot do at home. The skills development trainer gives practical how-to information to the class as well as a sense of empowerment by showing the beneficiaries how small Income generating projects (cooperatives) are started every day across the country. The beneficiary graduates knowing that YOUTH LIFE is there for him/her as a resource as he moves forward with his income generating project/career.