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Inter Trauma Nexus

Inter Trauma Nexus

The main object of the company is to create and maintain a multi-professional support network for the community, by recruiting psychologists, social workers, legal advisors, teachers, church leaders, business leaders and advisors, and volunteers for the community to serve as an effective and self reliant support and empowering network.

The main business that the Company is to carry on is:

To establish partnerships with Governmental and Non-Governmental Structures to create a network for all of them with the victim/survivor of trauma as a common denominator.
To establish a "care" system by attaching people of the community for this purpose through which the process of becoming a survivor from being a victim is simplified and not all that unfamiliar and takes place in a safe environment, among friends.

For psychologists, social workers, religious leaders, legal advisors and other professional people, community leaders and roll players will serve as mentors in a supervisory capacity and commit to at least four hours of service per month to the project.

To train the community to deal with trauma and equip them with life skills and to give them the necessary information concerning their legal status and the procedures that would follow.

To assist in establishing trauma support in South Africa