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It's Amazing! ZT

The It’s Amazing! ZT House
Located in Badsberg Close, Heideveld, the It’s Amazing! ZT house is a safe place where a caring house mother stands in the gap for children whose parents are stuck in destructive lifestyles, as well as providing support for the community. We provide two meals daily (breakfast, sandwiches for school and supper) for over 30 children, for whom this is often the only food for the day. We offer practical and emotional support to the community, from making sure children are enrolled in school, to being there for those who need someone to talk to, and providing clothes or school supplies.
All our programme teachers are trained by It’s Amazing! ZT and are, in most cases, semi-literate people from the community who are keen to learn but would otherwise not have an opportunity to better themselves.
Community support programnes
Kids’ Club: On Wednesdays we facilitate a full afternoon of food, play and lessons for over 100 children from ages three to 14 years. Grouped in four classes, each has a teacher who focuses on providing children with a loving and safe environment in which to learn and share the harsh challenges they have to overcome.
Community outreach: We regularly visit all the homes of the children in our various programmes and reach out to the community as a whole, sharing life with our neighbourhood.
Teenage support groups: We have two teenage support groups, for boys and girls, helping them navigate this difficult and tumultuous stage of life. We provide a safe alternative to the lure of gangs, making sure they are accepted and loved.
Educational programmes
Babbelbekkies (ECD): Our informal daily playgroups, for children aged three to five years, follow a home-based learning curriculum that helps them become school ready. We currently have three Babbelbekkie groups, with eight to 12 children in each group. These groups are aimed at children who aren’t in formal pre-school programmes due to poverty, or disinterested and/or absent parents.
SmartBrain (literacy): We provide a literacy programme for children from the community.
Extra math classes: One afternoon per week, as well as during school holidays, we provide vital extra math classes and tutoring for both primary and high school learners.
Afterschool safe play/resource library: Every Tuesday afternoon we provide a meal and a safe space for children to do their homework, play, learn, and read in the library. On other days the library is open on request.
Holiday programmes: School holidays are often the most vulnerable time for children in high risk areas, which is why we do our best to keep them occupied with a programme of fun and safe activities.