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Itshepeng Support Group

Itshepeng Support Group

Our objectives are:

To house and feed destitute women and their children.

To establish a safe haven for orphans, abandoned and molested children.

To provide skills training and job creation for jobless people.

To establish a clinic to provide medical services to own residents and the surrounding community.

To assist all people living with HIV/AIDS to come forward and reveal their status.

To empower the unemployed with creative skills i.e. hand work (beads); mats; sewing; baking; etc.

To assist the terminally ill (Home Based Care).

To assist and educate the community by distributing condoms; information relating to HIV/AIDS; and other services that may be deemed necessary.

To counsel those who need counselling daily and over the weekends.

Our vision is

To prevent HIV infection and the provision of preventive and education programmes relating to HIV/AIDS linked with poverty relief to poor and needy persons.

Our mission

To establish a disciplined and purposeful HIV free environment dedicated to the establishment and the teachings and taking preventive measures about the epidemic.