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Jabulani Feeding and Learning Centre

Jabulani was started in the 1980’s to assist and feed children and elders in the Parkwood Community. Parkwood has been classified as a Zone of Poverty by the Department of Social Development.

The community has a high incidence of substance abuse, high levels of crime and violence, unemployment, high incidence of HIV/Aids, single parent and/or child headed households, poverty and other social ills.

The young and aged are the most impacted by the foregoing and daily go to bed without any sustenance.

We initially could only provide 1 meal per day but with your help and those of other sponsors we have grown and now provide meals daily.

We have a breakfast program consisting of sandwiches as many of the kids in the area go to school on an empty stomach.

Our lunch program ensures that the children receives a wholesome meal. This is often their only meal for the day. Depending on the weather we make the following meals: Dhall, Lentil curry, Soup, Akni, Samp and Beans, Cabbage Food, Butternut Food, etc. These meals all have either meat or chicken and are served with rice and/or bread.

Breakfast Monday to Friday for 200 children.

Lunch Meals Monday to Saturday for 500 children after school at the center.

The school children attend the following schools: Montaqu Gift Primary School, Parkwood Primary, Hyde Park Primary, Plantation Primary, Fairmount High and Dove Road Crèche and Busy Bees Crèche.

Once a week the Centre hosts the elders from the Community. We serve breakfast and arrange special events for them.

Jabulani Community Organisation is effective in this community because it serves a broad spectrum of people irrespective of race, religion or ethic group and is run by people from the community who have a passion for helping others.