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Jack and Jennys Donkey Sanctuary

At Jack and Jenny’s Donkey Sanctuary, we are passionate about donkeys in all aspects. The primary objective is to take in abandoned, abused and unwanted donkeys, thereby giving them a forever home. In the recent times, illegal donkey skin trades have opened up an entirely new area of preservation for these poor animals, in keeping them safe from being skinned, in many cases, alive or partly conscious.

The atrocities that donkeys face are just ghastly and we believe that even if we can only save 1 donkey, then we have made a difference to that 1 donkey’s life. Currently our sanctuary has 34 donkeys and 1 Shetland pony, all from different walks of life, all with different personalities and all with different care needs.

We strive in addition to all the above, to educate people on donkeys. Not only about donkeys, their social structures, their care requirements, but also in school children, starting early, to ensure that the next generation know how to treat donkeys and hopefully other animals during their life time.