Cause Index


Alleviate poverty and unemployment through youth and women empowerment.

Health and hygienic service to destitute.

To establish manageable Training Center for Community Development Training for various level of people {Outdoor Gym Equipment & Fitness Center}

To establish, run and support health care center, clinic, technical training center, schools, grant, stipend and scholarship for higher studies at home and abroad and do all such other things as may be benefit for community.

To plan and execute Development, relief and Rehabilitation program within the terms of objects of the JKF.

To Manufacture and Distribution of free sanitary towels to the geographical area that JKF serves is within Bojanala District.

To print or publish periodical magazine, books, pamphlets, leaflets or booklets that the JKF may considered desirable or helpful in the promotion its objects.

Working in collaboration with other organizations that mainly deal with spiritual healing, transformation and education i.e.