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Jalani foundation

*Jalani Foundation* Non - Profit Organisation Act 1997 (Reg No: 261-103NPO)
*Mission Statement:*
Our mission is to serve the underprivileged such as the old, unemployed, the ill & school - going kids.
Our intention is to employ people from surrounding areas that we are going to assist. We would like to offer caregiver services to the old, provide breakfast & lunch to underprivileged schools, provide food for the ill.
Jalani Foundation would like to provide assistance on a monthly basis in the form of grocery hampers to the unemployed, underprivileged & the ill.
We would like to Assist school - going kids with school fees, school uniforms & basic stationery.
Our main mission is to acquire Property for a Crisis Centre & a clinic that will provide a range of preventive and general medical care free of charge to those who cannot afford basic medical care.
Jalani Foundation would like to have a branch in each district in the Republic of South Africa, making it easier for people to reach out for aid.
We would love to get everyone together & united in assisting the unfortunate.
For Jalani Foundation every life matters.