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Jam Eyyatul Qurra

JAM ‘EYYATUL QURRA’ has been in existence for over 40 years in Cape Town, South Africa. Under the tutelage and leadership of the late Sheikh Mohammed Yusuf Booley, hundreds of learners graduated as huffaath and haafitha of the highest calibre.

In 2001 we established the JEQ Hafith Institute for Males with a current enrolment of 160 students. Five years later, in 2006, we established the JEQ Female Hafith Institute with a current enrolment of 120 students. In 2008 we directed our focus to younger learners and established the JEQ Pre-Primary School which encompasses Montessori school programme with Hifth, with an enrolment of 50 learners. We have now crafted a new and innovative educational school program which encompasses an accredited Western Cape Education Department curriculum offered through a Quranic theme-based educational programme.

The JEQ Preparatory School, which opened its doors in 2015, encompasses Grade R to Grade 3. The new school is presently housed on the Females’ Hafith Campus as a temporary measure. Building Plans, which include 9 classrooms, library facilities, a Staff-room and offices, have been passed by the City Council.