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South African Secular Society

The South African Secular Society was initiated by a group of non-religious people in the Gauteng area. We are still in the baby phase with this organisation, but we have come thus far to have at least three main goals for the organisation:
To be a support/social group for atheists/secularists in our local community
To provide education for our members and the general public about what it means to be an atheist/secularist
To start a charity initiate to which we will contribute our physical time and effort (as opposed to just giving money to other charities)
Our main goals within the South African community:
Building Community:
As non-believers, some of us (at least those of us new to non-belief) often don’t know many like-minded people. Social events are a large part of SASS and are what brought the first lot of us together. We hold monthly meetings in the Gauteng area (see the events calendar) in the form of a house braai or picnic in the park. Meetings are also published on – Johannesburg Atheism Meetup.
Positive Representation of South African Non-Believers:
Secularism/Non-belief/Atheism is still very much stigmatised in our country. We would like to show South Africa, firstly, that we exist, and secondly, that your everyday non-believer is just like every other human. Or if you like, you could argue that we are more moral, caring, better people when compared to the religious.