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Jan Kriel Institute

Jan Kriel Institute

For the benefit of children who experience barriers to development and learning such as:
*specific developmental delays;
*learning problems complicated by attention deficit disorder and/or hyperactivity;
*visual or auditory sensory impairments;
*certain medical conditions and physical disabilities

Since 1937 this project envisions giving a child a chance toward obtaining a matric certificate and becoming a well-balanced and self-reliant adult, despite many obstacles. This is an expensive enterprise.

This year there are 570 children from Grade O to grade 12 in the Jan Kriel School. Donors support the multi–disciplinary team of teachers, therapists and psychologists, as well as a social worker, medical staff and hostel staff, who work together to provide specialized and individual tuition and care for every learner.

The core value of the Institute is responsible stewardship of the gifts God gives to these children – donor friends, funds, property and a proud history of support and love for children who were hurt and pushed aside by the mainstream.

Donors like you are changing the lives of these children today. Thank you most sincerely.