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Girl Code

The tech industry is currently skewed towards men. We don’t often see many women - in particular, black women in senior positions within the Tech industry. And without female roles models in these positions, young girls have no one to look up to and realize that they can also pursue careers related to tech.

After attending various hackathons, we noticed they were predominantly attended by men. So we decided to host a woman only hackathon. The objective was not only to provide a more inclusive platform, but also a space for women that gives them exposure to learning opportunities and the chance to flex their tech ‘muscles’.

Following the success of the first hackathon, the GirlCode hackathon became an annual event, attracting more and more women each year; some who have never coded before in their lives.

It was then that we realized that GirlCode can grow beyond just the hackathons into a platform that engages women in tech, facilitates their skills advancement in the industry and encourages others to join the tech revolution.

Our mission is to create a network of women who are highly skilled in computer literacy, coding and design, and who can leverage those skills to develop innovative and sustainable solutions within their communities.

GirlCode is about disrupting the status-quo and providing opportunities for women.