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Jedtwa wildlife park

Experience every aspect of volunteering with big and small cats, as well as various other species that needs your help.

Become part of the farmily and also enjoy the nightlife the beautiful place has to offer.

This project is open to VET students who would like to build up hours in the industry.

Things to look forward to:

Treatment of small and big wild animals
Rearing of small wild animals (if available and needed)
Animal vaccinations
Animal care
Animal record keeping
Animal health survey
Treatment of sick or injured animals
Daily medication of animals
Feeding schedules
Observing captive behavior
Game capture (if available)
Have a registered veterinarian in town to assist and give advice
The perfect experience:
Volunteering on the only Rehabilitation Centre and Sanctuary in the Free State province of , South Africa
Observing large carnivores in semi natural environment
Learn all the practical aspects about the animals, in the wild and in captivity.
Help with daily care of the animals (from cleaning enclosures to feeding and enrichment).
Interact with some of the animals.
A lot of hands-on involvement
A lot of practical experience in animal care.
Assisting the vets when they visit.
Gain practical hands-on veterinary experience.
Work in a wildlife conservation project, no breeding, no hunting and no rearing for profits
Making useful connections for later.
Gaining the knowledge and experience on wildlife management and conservation programs as well as veterinary practice