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Jesus to my Rescue

Jesus to my Rescue

Jesus to my Rescue started in November 2008 with one goal in mind; to spread the word of God! We at Jesus to my Rescue believe that the Internet is a great tool to help people find the Lord and also a place where fellow Christians can meet and help each other achieving God’s purpose in our lives.

The website offers great content for everyone and best of all; it’s FREE! The website gets updated on a weekly basis with a special focus on motivational and inspirational articles. We also offer weekly newsletters with content that will give you inspiration to continue your work for the Lord.

Jesus to my Rescue are also involved in big projects within the community as we strongly believe in helping those in need! Visit our Projects page for more information.

The members and administrators involved in Jesus to my Rescue also offer talks at churches & special events in both Pretoria and Cape Town, covering various topics such as “Who am I”, “Black & White” & “Our Life Testimonies”. If you need more information or would like us to speak at your church/event, please visit our “contact us” page.

Please visit our e-books page and download the book called “Walking with Jesus”, as this will provide you with a good synopsis on why this website was started and what it’s all about.

Jesus came to my rescue and He can do the same for you!