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Johannesburg Dream Center

The Johannesburg Dream Center was established as a response to the situation which Johannesburg has found itself in. We aim to respond to the needs of various communities in and around Johannesburg.

Johannesburg Dream Center has as objective the alleviation of poverty within and around Johannesburg, South Africa. This means tackling issues such as hunger, unemployment and other basic needs.

Johannesburg Dream Center is fundamentally a Christian organisation and so services offered/outreaches are done from a Christ-centered approach. Services are not offered with the condition of taking on the Christian faith or limited to Christians but rather open to all members of the public.

Johannesburg Dream Center aims to be a place of reconciliation between different races, ethnicities and church denominations. It is thus a neutral place in which we may work together so as to make a difference in and change the atmosphere of Johannesburg.

We are currently changing the atmosphere using free lunches given to beggars and pamphlet distributors at traffic lights and groceries provided to various families/individuals who are just not making ends meet. We are also working towards opening a free clothing store in which we will offer those who cannot afford clothing the opportunity to come in, choose a new outfit, take a shower and possibly even get a free haircut. This is very helpful when going to an interview for a job or when starting a new job. It also helps promote a higher standard of hygiene among the homeless.

We not only believe in giving a man/woman a fish (food) but also teaching them to fish and so we are working in collaboration with Edutel Skills Development to arrange various workshops which we will offer to the unemployed. We will then help them create their own CV and keep their CV’s in our CV bank. Call us if you have a position available!