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Johannesburg Institute of Social Services(JISS)


A democratic social service organisation well known in local communities for its dynamic professional team and value based service excellence championing child and family rights, child participation and trust.


To protect, uplift, promote and sustain the holistic well-being of children, families and communities through the provision of caring, proactive and empowering social services.


• PROTECTING CHILDREN: The safety and protection of children is a core value.
• PROMOTING FAMILY VALUES: The belief that the family system is integral to the holistic development and well-being of children and therefore strives toward the promotion of family values, family strengthening and preservation.
• DIGNITY & RESPECT: Respect for the dignity, uniqueness and diversity of every child and family.
• EMBRACING DIVERSITY: JISS is a non-denominational, non-racist and non-sexist organisation.
• INTEGRITY: Ethical conduct and integrity of staff and board members.
• PROMOTING CONTINUOUS LEARNING: Lifelong learning, leadership development and good governance.
• CHAMPIONING HUMAN RIGHTS: Human rights, social justice, equality, and pride in JISS’ rich history and role in the freedom struggle.


The Johannesburg Institute of Social Services (JISS) is a child and family welfare institute that extends services to individuals, families and communities across the demographics of South Africa.

Child and Family Care Units operate from the two JISS Centres in Mayfair and Lenasia. JISS is the primary welfare organisation in these areas dealing with child neglect, child abuse and family problems affecting children.

The following is provided in the child protection and family care basket of services:

• Risk assessment of children in need of care and protection;
• Child Placement Services in temporary safe care, foster care and Children’s Homes;
• Foster care screening, placement and supervision;
• Family Reunification Services;
• Referral with regard to application for identity documents and social grants;
• Child abuse awareness and prevention programmes;
• KINGA WATOTO volunteer programme focusing on orphaned and vulnerable children;
• Senior Citizens’ Luncheon Clubs.

Included under the JISS banner is a day care centre, the JISWA Profound Unit for severely mentally challenged children.

JISS is an important centre for the training of student social workers, social auxiliary workers and psychology students who do their practical work under the supervision of JISS’ social work managers.