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Nika Capital NPC - Donations

Nika strives to impact the future of South Africa through Christian education. Nika is both a conduit and an ignition - an ignition to inspire companies to transform their business focus towards lifelong social impact; and a conduit through which companies can become part of this great work that is at hand in our beautiful country with its valuable people. All this occurs from the basis of genuine generosity.

As for the legal part, Nika is an NPC registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). Nika functions in much the same way as a trust. The businesses who contribute shares in effect enlarge the Nika Capital portfolio. In return, the contributing companies obtain a “black shareholder”, namely Nika Capital, as Nika also qualifies as a Broad Based Black Ownership scheme – indeed a scheme committed to contributing to the betterment of local society through working towards the public good.

Nika’s main focus is education. We believe that Christian education in South Africa is the key in achieving sustainable change in socio-economic inequality and its effects on the future of our country. Nika channels funds, in the form of dividend income, towards this. Consequently, Nika’s beneficiaries are organisations that share this vision – quality Christian education that will not only release leaders of character and excellence into society, but also become the living water in communities, the effects of which will multiply and effect a healthy socio-economic environment. In this way, the kingdom of God can be expanded in South Africa.