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John Lucas

explore4knowledge® has reached over 100 000 learners and educators to date through its multi-award winning workshops, mobile classrooms, camps, and expeditions. These do not only promote an innovative and holistic approach to syllabus-based learning, but have become a benchmark in promoting the pursuit of exploration in the fields of Geography, Biology, and Science.

As an organization, we have worked closely with community leaders and educators, not only addressing specific needs in rural and urban classrooms, but also focusing on needs within the curriculum as well as on the UN Sustainable Development Goals across all aspects of the organization. Through partnering with industry leaders, corporate sponsors, and private donors we have been able to make use of various citizen science tools, technologies, and innovative thinking, while remaining true to our core mission of promoting Education Through Adventure® through the various pillars of the organization.

In addition to implementing various campaigns and expeditions, we work with local tertiary institutions providing students with experiential learning opportunities and volunteer positions across our programs. These opportunities range from Film and Media, Photography, PR & Marketing and Teaching, to the Environmental Sciences.