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Jooles Kilbride

The Spirit Wildlife Fund is passionate about rhino conservation and is committed to the preservation and sustainability of this iconic species. To let them die would be to lose the heart and soul of Africa. We must act NOW. We must act decisively. We must win the war against rhino poaching for this generation, for our children's generation and for all future generations, not just in Africa.

Spirit Wildlife Fund commits to:

·        Raise awareness of poaching, conservation and sustainability through its extensive personal networks and electronic platforms.
·        Design, develop and run successful fundraising initiatives with the specific aim of saving and conserving the African rhino
·        To ensure financial statements comply with the financial reporting framework and the companies act of South Africa, Spirit Wildlife Fund is audited by PKF
·        Distributing funds to effective, well governed, transparent and accountable African wildlife conservation programmes, in particular, rhino conservation
·        Ensure that every donation made to Spirit Wildlife Fund is acknowledged, accounted for and distributed to the intended beneficiary
·        Visit and commit personal time to each and every project at least twice yearly to assist with operations and ensure objectives are being met
·        Assist those chosen beneficiaries wherever possible in reaching their goals that we support
·        Make itself available to local and international donors to provide all necessary background information and comfort that funding is well governed, channelled to the agreed projects and is being utilised effectively, with clear and tangible outcomes and benefits.