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Jordan Spears Ministries

We are a non-profit organisation that was born out of a desire to serve the community. A big part of our mission is giving practical help to those that cannot help themselves.
We believe that every individual deserves to live a maximized life, a life that is not a reflection of what is missing in their lives so for as many as we can affect, we will always strive to change their story. The Ministry is involved in many community projects including orphan care, disaster relief, substance abuse programs, job skills training centres, prison programs, general health and literacy programs. In many cases, we initiate our own programs but in other instances, we work alongside existing non-profits who are already doing great work.

At the centre of our work is the teaching and preaching of christian values and christian living. This is what we believe is the way to build healthy, responsible lives.
We want those that this Ministry impacts to go on to become the very best they can be and to be good citizens that are equipped to change their communities. We believe this is what builds a nation.

Join hands with us today and make a difference.