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Joy of Hearing

There are many children and adults in the Eastern Cape who have severe-to-profound hearing loss, which can have a devastating effect on them and their families, but because of financial constraints do not have access to cochlear implant technology. For children born deaf, the ability to reach their full potential will be seriously compromised. Cochlear implants provide the opportunity to restore hearing or provide hearing for the first time to these individuals and give them the confidence to live a full and productive life. The cost of this procedure and the maintenance of the apparatus are very expensive and out of reach for most, with the Eastern Cape as one of the poorest and most needy areas in South Africa. Joy of Hearing's mission is to financially assist children and adults in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa with serious hearing impairment, who are unable to cover the cost of a cochlear implant, to create awareness of the challenges of hearing impaired people, and to act as advocates for the hearing impaired.