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What is Pinky Promise?
• A pinky promise is an unbreakable commitment
• The Pinky Promise movement providing a single platform for individuals to show their commitment to a certain cause by painting their (left hand) pinky nail. The colour representing a particular cause.
• As a single platform, it can run several different causes concurrently.
How does it work?
• Donate R20 when you paint your pinky nail in the colour that represents your cause.
What is the purpose?
• To bring back wholesome and believable commitments
• To show South Africa (and the world) that we can make a difference
• To raise R20m for meaningful charities in South Africa
• To get 1 million South Africans to paint their pinkies and promise to support the launch cause before 16 December 2019 (The final day of the 16 days of activism).