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Kangala community Radio

Kangala Community Radio is a licensed Broadcasting Community radio Station which was formed by a group of rural women led by Ms Julia Mahlangu in 1994 after discovering the gab of the voiceless women, girl children and the community at large
It was formally registered with the department Of Social Development, in terms of the Non Profit Act, 1997(Act71 of 1997) on 16th October 1995 Registration number: NPO 083-708.
During the past (23) years of broadcasting, Kangala Community Radio has managed to buy its own studio equipment and have also received a donation of a 500-watt transmitter from Plessey South Africa. The Department of Communications also provided two fully equipped studios in 2013 the MDDA approved a grant of R1.3million rand that was used to install two new digital studios one for programme production and one for live broadcasting. This gesture by the MDDA placed the station in the digital age.
24 Hours a day