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Karoo Animal Protection Society

The Karoo Animal Protection Society is the only organisation providing a mobile service for animals in the deprived areas of the Little Karoo in rural South Africa.

In these poor communities, poverty is a way of life for animals and their owners. People who can barely feed their children keep a dog, chain it up, and feed it potato peelings.

KAPS takes free welfare services on a daily basis into a core catchment area approaching 5,000 sq km, and operates two further Outreach Programmes into areas of the Eastern Cape many hundreds of km distant from its home base in Barrydale.

Thousands of owners are assisted and educated. Emergencies are responded to 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Animals are dipped, dewormed, fed, taken for treatment, sterilised, rescued and rehomed.

All this is done on a volunteer basis. KAPS has no office premises and pays no full-time staff. But we have an amazing success rate and have transformed the lives of animals in the communities where we work.