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kathy schultz

ORA (Caring for Orphans in Rural Areas), a fully registered non-profit organisation, was founded in 2009. The organisation’s roots lie in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape. Whilst schools and other education facilities do exist, there are glaring gaps for children of pre-school age. These early years are critical for a child’s development as they are a time of rapid physical, emotional and mental growth. CORA therefore believes in basic early intervention and addresses these needs by developing pre-school enrichment centres for early childhood development and learning.

To provide basic early learning and development, stimulation, nurturing and nutrition to rural pre-school children.

To promote positive growth and create opportunities for rural children
To replicate working models of CORA enrichment centres throughout the Eastern Cape.
To train and empower teachers and carers

CORA strives to take a holistic approach in supporting orphans and vulnerable children within their own communities.
In effect, CORA looks to fulfil the whole spectrum of children’s needs: education, nutrition, health, safety, life skills, community integration, as well as teacher/carer training.