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Kerus Institute

The Greek word Kerus means “of the heart” or “to do something with passion.” This word captures the spirit and vision who launched Kerus Institute in the Spring of 2012 with the purpose to train highly skilled moral leaders who will positively influence their workplace and local communities. Our vision comes to life as we inspire and equip individuals and leaders to develop professional skills, personal wellness and moral responsibility.

Kerus Institute is committed to replicating best practice programs from around the world. It leverages international partnerships and professional experts in medicine, education and organizational development to partner with South African professionals to bring about positive change. Our work focus is three-fold: 1) life skills training for youth and adults, 2) leadership training and coaching and 3) community development initiatives.

Kerus Institute serves as the Africa Regional Training Center for It Takes Courage! a multi-tiered curricula of Kerus Global Education, in the USA. The program is designed to train leaders to help youth develop character and life skills and to end the transmission of HIV/AIDS; there are a variety of materials and programs for different target audiences. Kerus Global Education has trained over 40 Conference Instructors in Africa who have reached over 50,000 teachers in public schools, churches and community agencies. Those teachers have taught the curriculum to over one million youth in the countries of Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and Uganda.

Kerus Institute is also engaged in Leadership Development in both the public and private sectors. Through two of its international founders, Drs. Jennie Cerullo and Dr. Marcia Ball Kerus Institute has secured status with Birkman International, of Houston, TX, to train African consultants to administer the Birkman Method questionnaire. This behavioral assessment tool is leveraged in the workplace to increase self-awareness, self-management, team building and career orientation. Kerus Institute has trained eight Birkman certified consultants for work in South Africa.

Kerus Institute is committed to engage in community development initiatives in South Africa. In partnership with Go Amogela, Kerus Institute assists with the operation of three orphan care centers, serving over 250 orphans and their families in the township of Soshanguve.