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Khensani’s Collection is a registered Non-Profit Company. We aim to provide hope through education. Our work is driven by a passionate belief that we all have a responsibility to promote the development of young people. Khensani’s collection strives to give academically talented but economically disadvantaged youth an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Currently our focus is on the children of Diepsloot. We work with a group of children who range from 5 to 21 years of age. Although much time is spent focusing on mentoring, feeding and community upliftment, the primary aim of the charity is education. We have seen that when a child is educated it has a ripple effect and benefits their families and communities. Education truly is a gift that yields tangible results. We want to enable bright students with a willingness to progress themselves the opportunities that many take for granted. We do not believe in hand outs. We know that when someone needs to work for something they will see the value in it. Our goal is to open doors, provide connections, guidance, direction and assist financially in the success of the future leaders in our country. Khensani’s Collection is not a noble cause - it is a necessity. We are answering a calling to be responsible South Africans.

Among other initiatives, Khensani’s Collection facilitates a mentorship program for teens in Diepsloot. We pair people up on-on-one with a same sex teen. The adult mentors play a life skills and educational upliftment role to the teen. Quarterly get togethers are held to encourage and facilitate.

Khensani’s Collection is named after a special young lady whose happiness in diversity inspired a movement. The dream is to educate young girls and boys like Khensani who have light in their eyes, a desire to succeed and the potential to do so. The name Khensani means “to give thanks”.