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Registered with the Department of Social Development

- 261-718 NPO

Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to supporting Teenage Mothers to be and their New born.

�Kids In Distress � South Africa� KIDSA, is based in Krugersdorp on the West of Johannesburg. With singular vision to supporting underage mothers to be with objective to Breaking the cycle by:

Identify underage school going Mother to be.

Offer phycological and emotional support to Mother to be by our Professional Services Network inclusive of Pregnancy preparedness.

Offer support and assistance during pregnancy. Regular check-ups and personal care requirements. Inclusive of food and clothing where needed.

Assistance and support during childbirth.

Ongoing assistance, support, and encouragement to continue academic schooling after childbirth.

Assisted support to Newborn by arranging childcare facilities to Mother with express view to the Mother continuing with academic schooling until reaching Grade 12.

All assistance to Newborn. Food, Clothing & Medical.