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Kids In Conflict

Kids in Conflict (KiC) is a nonprofit organisation aimed at decreasing the risk of gender-based violence, particularly towards women and children who are placed in potentially volatile domestic situations in Amanzimtoti and its surrounding areas. Because the risk for domestic violence greatly increases during times of conflict such as separation and divorce, KiC’s mission is to work with families to decrease risk, especially when children are involved. Though KiC is able to intervene in any domestic violence situation, KiC is specially designed to attend to the unique needs that arise during separation and divorce.

Though only recently established, KiC has already provided a wealth of services to the communities of Amanzimtoti, Hillcrest, Durban and Pinetown. Our crucial work is making great strides in decreasing instances of domestic violence and mediating the situations in which they are likely to arise, but we desperately need funding to continue our progress. We are writing today to introduce you to our organisation in the hopes that you will be able to support our work in keeping women and children safe.

KiC’s important services to the community are crucial to ensuring the safety of women and children in Amanzimtoti and its surrounding areas. We hope you will partner with KiC to ensure that these services continue to be available.

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.