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Kingdom Labourers Ministries

Kingdom Labourers Ministries will work with any ministry or church that is Christ-centred in all their activities and proclaims the message of faith to the world in various forms. As such, we would glorify our Lord.
• Ministry Formalisation - We will register your ministry as a Non Profit Company for churches at the CIPC, and incorporate all the board members of the time. A registration certificate will be issued.
• Kingdom Accountability - Since we are stewards of God’s work, we need to have measures in place for everyone to adhere to. Therefore, we offer help in formulating boards and developing a clear ministry constitution and statement of faith.
• Roles and responsibilities - To have “sticky teams”, an institution needs to have clear goals, to have seamless alignment. We will workshop the event together and have everyone’s input.
• Process and procedures - To grow and be agile, processes and procedures will help induct and navigate individuals into the broader ministry’s function. This will be mapped out visually on flowcharts.