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Kingsway Christian School

Kingsway Christian School was established in 1986 and is run as a non-profit independent primary school from Grades 00 to Grade 7. Although the school is partly subsidized by the Gauteng Department of Education, most of the school`s income comes from corporate and individual donations.

The school has identified the following areas as needy areas and appreciate your support

Sponsor a Child` School Fees
For many of our parents the cost of sending their children to school is an enormous financial burden. A further worrying trend is the increase in the number of children coming from Child Headed Households as well as children from neglected social backgrounds. Although we are a low fee paying school, we often find parents defaulting on their fees. We therefore ask for donations towards sponsoring a child`s school fees at only R350 per month.

Support our ICT Intervention Programmes
We have an ICT lab resourced with 32 computers. These computers require constant maintenance. We also run Computer Knowledge classes for all our learner as well as online mathematics programme called Mathsbuddy for all grades. Given funding we intend to run coding classes for all the grades. We also intend to roll over our ICT programme to involve capacitating our educators in ICT courses.
It will cost us R172 000 a year to maintain our ICT programme.

Numeracy and Literacy Intervention Programmes
South African school children have demonstrated poor academic outcomes and levels of performance in mathematics and literacy, especially in quintile 1 and 2 schools, which are schools that draws learners from the poorest communities like Kingsway School. To supplement our school based numeracy learning, we partnered with another organisation called Jumpstart to implement the NumberSense Mathematics programme currently running from grades 1- 7. Given funding the school will embark on Readers Are Leaders Online literacy programme. It will cost us R102 000 per annum to maintain our Numeracy programme as well expanding into Literacy.

Teacher Development Programmes
To achieve positive learner outcomes, we believe that our educators should be equipped with recent teaching methodologies. In this regard we would want to capacitate our educators in ICT and Trauma Management. One of biggest challenge we face is Educator Remuneration. Our educators are remunerated at 85% of their government colleagues, however, despite this challenge we have not had any staff turnover for the last 5 years. We therefore greatly appreciate any financial investment towards teacher salaries. The aim is to pay them at par with Government teachers and as motivation on the great work they already doing.

Investment in Learner Welfare
Although we get support from the community through donated food, there are times where we do not receive such donations and the majority of our 257 learners desperately need food provision during their learning period. Some of our learners require ongoing trauma counselling. In some cases, the school provides uniforms and school transport where necessary.