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Knysna Basin Project

The Knysna Estuary is not only home to our diverse sea life, birds, and abundant indigenous forest; it is one of the largest estuarine saltmarshes in South Africa. Our Estuary is under severe threat from heavy metal, plastic pollution, sea-level rise and, of course, the development and growth in population.
Most of us in Knysna rely on this system for subsistence, physical and mental health, tourism, and financial sustainability. It is a system in Knysna that we are ALL proud of and work towards protecting to maintain its status as the most crucial Estuary to conserve in South Africa regarding its biodiversity.
The Knysna Basin Project assists in protecting and conserving this system for its current and future inhabitants. With years of experience researching this system and working with local bodies to inform policy and change, we are excited to begin a new era of conservation, research, education, and collaboration with several new projects, including prioritizing cleaning up the Bongani river.