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Kompas Gemeente Oophand

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to Oophand

Who is Oophand?

Oophand Kompas Gemeente is a registered NPO with 18A Tax Status, and functions as the Community Support Department at Kompas Gemeente in Vanderbijlpark.
At Oophand we strive to address not only the immediate needs in terms of food & other essential items, but to also take hands with the unemployed members of our community and assist and guide them through the process of becoming self-sustaining by providing them with the tools and guidance they need to find employment.
At Oophand we believe in restoring the dignity of our community. We launched an exciting new Oophand Store where we enable our beneficiaries to �purchase� their monthly necessities with our very own Mula Currency that we provide them with. 1 Mula = 1 Rand. We also have a Clothing Department where clothing items are �sold� for between 5 and 10 Mula`s each. This enables our beneficiaries to decide what clothing they need based on their personal needs and requirements.
We offer support in the following areas:
� Families in Need
� Emergency Food Parcels
� Emergency Clothing Parcels
� Baby Hampers
� School Feeding Scheme for approximately 300 children per week
� Adhoc Donations
� Outreach Programs
Our Families In Need are supported by Oophand for a period of 3 months, after which each case is re accessed and evaluated. We assist various institutions and organizations in our community with clothing donations and adhoc requests.
Our projects involve several key target groups in the area namely:
� Unemployed People
� Elderly People
� People with disabilities
� Homeless People
� Children

How can you get involved

Oophand is a registered Section 21, Public Benefit Organisation with 18A Tax Status. This enables us to give an 18A Tax Certificate to any organization for financial donations or the value of the goods / products donated.
Thank you for the opportunity to briefly introduce Oophand to you.
Any donations can be delivered to: Oophand
c/o Ravel & Abraham Street