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Purpose: The dream of the KRJT is to place a Social Worker in each school in the larger Kuils River community.

The Social Workers assist learners with academic learning by providing strategic services that identify and address the social-emotional-environmental issues that interfere with the educational process.

Working close with parents/guardians, teachers, school principals and community-based resources, the school Social Worker implements strategies that promote learners’ positive school adjustment.

Each Social Worker is assigned to a school based upon identified needs of the learner population.

Vision: Promote phyco-social well-being within the school community so that learning can take place and learners can develop to their full potential.

Mission: By placing a Social Worker in each school within Kuils River, the KRJT can invest in social, spiritual, emotional, cognitive and physical support and development of learners.

The Kuils River Youth Trust strives to build long-term relationships and provide family support as well as preventive programs.