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Kwela Foundation

Welcome to the home of Kwela Foundation where saving lives and uplifting the standard of education in our country is of utmost importance! As a Non Profit Orgnisation, our main aim is to help give medical and educational access to all though partnerships with all the relevant parties such as, Hospitals, Schools, Private Sector, Individuals, Government and the community at large.

We help decrease the babies' death rate in hospitals where life saving equipment is inadequate and also help with the hospital's infrastructure where necessary. We also assist in ensuring that our schools have the relevant educational equipment needed and infrastructure where ever needed.

We are registered as a Non Profit Company - NPC 2013/088800/08 to serve the entire country with life threatening challenges that hospital are faced with. As we look at the future, we acknowledge that it our responsibility to make changes in our education sector to help bring about better school results which we consider to be a worthy investment.

We are constantly in search of partners who want to make this country a better place to live in, those who want to be involved in making a change, enough to commit and act upon their word in order to get things moving to the right, better direction.