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La Leche League South Africa

La Leche League South Africa

La Leche League South Africa is a voluntary organisation which provides information and support to women who want to breastfeed their babies.

La Leche League Leaders are experienced breastfeeding mothers, trained and accredited by LLL, who are happy to help other mothers with questions and concerns about breastfeeding. This one-to-one approach is one of the most effective - and friendly! - ways of getting the support you need. It is important to notice that all our Leaders are mothers who volunteer their time and are therefore not always available. Should you experience any problems contacting Leaders on our list, please try again in about an hour.

LLL also provides support and information for women in special circumstances (premature babies, multiple births, babies with cleft of the soft palate, babies with Down's Syndrome and many others).

La Leche League South Africa is a non-profit, non-sectarian volunteer organisation dedicated to providing information, encouragement and support to breastfeeding mothers through our unique mother-to-mother support network.

La Leche League South Africa is active on governmental and NGO bodies working for the promotion and protection of breastfeeding in South Africa. Our Leaders have been in teams with health professionals facilitating UNICEF-designed Lactation Management training workshops, and our Peer Counselling Programme has already trained more than 400 volunteers, largely from disadvantaged communities, to work as breastfeeding counsellors.