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Learners Movement of South Africa

In 2011, Asavela Peko emerged among the scholars who realized out of desperation a need to establish an organisation that would hold a firm representation of their integral needs, mobilise opportunities for them and drive change in a broader perspective for them supported by the concerned people (parents, youth and community workers). He then sold the power within the vision carried by the perspective in which he viewed LEMOSA to be as an alternative, and fortunately enough the organisation was embraced and uphold under the circumstances with great inspiration.

On its inception it had then to be operated in a context that would completely take cognisance in dwelling more in mediating and thrive to influence for the politeness in a high school level in particularly Masibambisane High School, whereby everything that led to the organisation establishment and its launch took place.

Asavela with his colleagues had never gotten any training neither course before related to any Duties as well as tasks that they had to deliver based on in serving the members and beneficiaries.

As unregistered as we were, we firmly knew and understood the vision on a same level. From the informal learning and limited information we decided that we would keep the organisation evolving and strengthen our strides in ensuring that we are creating an impact. We centered our vision in the heart of the basic education, and unclear but knowing well that we had to channel the youth and community transformation through the education as our platform.