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Lekgotla La Batjha Virtual Art Exhibition

Room 13 is a non-profit organisation that uses art and creativity to develop and empower children to become the best that they can be.
Room 13 South Africa has been running for 16 years, after adopting the idea from Scotland in 2004. Currently, we have 6 studios based in schools across the provinces of Gauteng, the Free-State and Mpumalanga.
We aim to create a safe place where children can go every day after school, to develop their self-esteem and sense of purpose. The principle is that any child can be an artist and every child is welcome.
Our studios are managed by the learners along with an Artist-in-Residence who facilitates the activities, using their own creative skills combined with the interests of the children. Activities can range from drawing, painting, printing, sculpture to theatre and performance. business and entrepreneurial skills are encouraged through the day-to-day management of the studio, exhibitions and the selling of their creative products.