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Leon Hendricks

Nantes Athletic Club was established in 2014 with the vision of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through running and walking in the community – with the emphasis on fun. Within three years, Nantes has become one of the foremost running clubs in the Western Cape.

Since the first training run, Nantes membership has grown from 12 runners to nearly 600 members during 2016. Nantes members are renowned for being the friendliest and most fun in the Western Cape. Our growth can partially be attributed to the ‘Nantes Spirit’, which is easily recognisable wherever you see the famous lime green T-shirts.

Whilst we love having fun, members are coached to achieve their running goals and in most cases, they achieve more than they ever dreamt of. For this reason, our training programme caters for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners. The programme is holistic and includes weekly cross training and long runs to supplement our group training sessions.

Our training runs and cross training classes takes place from the Vangate Sports Complex, which is adjacent to Vangate Mall. You are most welcome to join us for a training run or cross training session!