Cause Index

Lesego Tau Education Foundation

Under educational and empowerment support:
1. Bursary and Scholarship Scouting 2. Uniform and stationery Support 3. Life Coaching and Career Mentorship 4. Personal Development Workshops 5. Skills Development Interventions 6. Employment Scouting 7. Work Readiness Workshops
Under Educational and Social Events: 8. Academic Achievements Awards 9. Young Citizen of the Month Award 10. Educational Tours 11. Leadership and Life Skills Camping 12. Community Debate Platforms 13. Educational Dialogues 14. Celebrity School Visits 15. Cultural Exchange Programmes 16. Art and Sport Festivals 17. Holiday Programmes
Under Outreach programmes: 18. Government Empowerment Workshops 19. Mental Health Programmes 20. Juvenile Prison Support"