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lgbtq support uganda foundation

We advocate for the LGBTQ community in uganda where there is a lot of homophobia. Many LGBTQ mebers in uganda are discriminated and mistreated. Some of them are not allowed in public places which makes it difficult to access shopping centres.   So we set up a strategy that can help them and the reason why it's here in South Africa is because LGBTQ is a crime in Uganda so we set up our offices in germiston johannesburg where we collect funds then send home So many people are homophobic in Uganda and it becomes difficult for the LGBT community to have a free life and some of them don't want to leave the country to seek asylum that's why we try to help them with whatever we can. With whatever we get we make sure that we provide them with clothes, scholastic materials to those still in school, basic needs like soap, food, shelter and many more  The law in Uganda prohibits landlords to rent out houses to LGBTQ members so we make sure that we accommodate some of them in our shelters. We set up a shelter in namugongo in Kampala where we help those without shelter.  Those without shelters are the ones that were chased away from their homes by either relatives, the community (mob) or their parents. So LGBTQ Uganda Foundation is a registered organization in South Africa that came up to help with whatever we can.