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LifeLine Johannesburg

The organisation develops and maintains relevant community based projects - in the field of youth, community care and victim support. It offers effective "life-enhancing" personal awareness and counselling skills courses with a view to becoming a LifeLine counsellor.

LifeLine is now in the process of re-defining itself and self-transforming towards relevance as a truly community-based organisation. This is being achieved by aligning its work to the lessons learnt over the years – with respect to utilising dialogue for sensitive matters e.g. gender-driven behaviour, learning through peer interventions and personal growth programmes in order to engage community members.
Ultimately LifeLine’s goal is to see individuals and communities embracing emotional wellness, for long term, self sustained change in attitudes and behaviours - for the community, by the community and with the community.

LifeLine Johannesburg; focuses on ccommunity engagement. This involves encouraging participation in community conversations and dialogue; moving from one-on-one contact with individuals in the community to groups of community members in facilitated and participatory community talk circles. Community talk circles allow a process of public dialogue through which people themselves define who they are, what they need and how to get what they need in order to improve their own lives. It will utilise dialogue that leads to collective problem identification, decision making and community based implementation of solutions to development issues around environmental and socioeconomic challenges.
Project sustainability is achieved through ensuring that our work remains relevant to the community, as determined by the beneficiaries; providing effectiveness and efficiency in the use of resources, through monitoring the cost/benefits of different strategies; the use of volunteers and community resources; and through measuring the impact of activities in terms of meeting objectives and changing lives.

Financial sustainability is achieved through ensuring a broad donor base in terms of government, private donors and business sponsors. In line with the organisation’s strategic objectives and in working towards efficient sustainability, we created an opportunity for income generating activities through our LifeLine Corporate Training division. Established in 1992, these offerings have now progressed to include counselling and trauma intervention support services to the Corporate Sector.