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Lifeworks Forum

Lifeworks Forum is not a church or religious organisation, but a Christian PBO - Public Benefit Organisation established in August 2013 and has now become one of the organisations that are currently shaping the future of South Africa and our neighbouring countries from the private and public sector by showcasing and focusing our solutions, projects, initiatives, alignment, support and commitment to the NDP in the three main areas mentioned above outlined below.

We have come up with the most creative and innovative solutions relevant to the current ills in our communities that have given us the flexibility to combine ideas, people and capital to help improve the fast-growing needs of local Childcare centers, SMMEs, the Aged and the Youth of South Africa through Education, Business development, Life skills, Training, Job creation, placements and Health.

We promote health and provide communities with excellent mentorship and relationship mastery programs that address aspects like Self-governance, Self-Identity, Conflict management, Healing, Mediation, Conciliation, Counseling, Pre-marital counseling, Marriage officiation, Advocacy and Child led homes support.