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Lilian Thobela

Mpumalanga arts institute seeks to challenge the crisis of poverty and unemployment & further bring about community development through Arts & Culture.
The Association is a public, non-profit organization established with the objective of working within the framework of the Arts and Culture Act of South Africa for the education, cultural, economic and social well-being of the Mpumalanga Community

The Association will aim to:
Create awareness about the concept of the arts organization in Mpumalanga through marketing, community outreach and education and to encourage and ensure ongoing community participation at all levels of the organization.
Ensure the fullest possible community representation, participation and governance in all aspects of the organization.
Do regular planning, marketing and fundraising for the organization to ensure its relevance, popularity and sustainability in the service of the community at large.
Provide access to training and facilities to enable equal participation by the community.
Produce and acquire content that is participatory, locally relevant, progressive, educational, informative and entertaining.
Ensure that the organization is sustained through various forms of revenue.
Maintain the highest standards of organizational excellence in terms of the governance, management and administration of the NPO.

Create opportunities for young people and empower them, train them in the cultural and artistic domains.
Address social issues and promote activities that enrich the cultural life of communities including recreational opportunities for youth and children particularly young girls and women
Use media to address the social issues our youth is facing today.
To create employment opportunities for youths and adults amongst our local communities
To encourage young people to never stop dreaming
Help empower woman and young girls in our communities encouraging them to take active ownership of their future

MPUMALANGA ARTS INSTITUTE has identified the following sectors to be established for the Mpumalanga Community
(a) Arts and culture (including media and heritage)
Arts activities may include:
Literature and Gramma