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Lindokuhle Community Project

Lindokuhle Community Project

Who We Are

Lindokuhle Community Project for Orphan and Vulnerable Children is a registered, non-profit organisation that was established in 2008, the organisation was establish by young woman who is passionate about the issue of orphanages and the organisation will find a way to make life better for children without families, joined together. The organisation will operate in the following sub-villages, which are Klarinet, MNS and Coronation at Emalahleni City. The organisation shall acquire their operational premises at Klarinet Ext 4.

What We Do

Lindokuhle Community Project for Orphan and Vulnerable Children give food, clothes and education that are: assisting children with after school home work, Life skills and playing of indoor & indigenous games. We will assist community to access library, information and mobile clinic. The organisation will also assist to finds permanent homes for children that have been in the foster care and adoption system the longest. We also provide Home Base Care Services.


In partnership with families, communities, organizations, government and the nation, Lindokuhle Community Project for Orphan and Vulnerable Children's mission is to assure that all children grow up in safe, get better life, permanent families and have the help they need to be successful in life.

Lindokuhle Community Project will be known by the children it serves as an organisation that keeps its promises.
Lindokuhle Community Project will be recognized by the families, organisations and communities it serves as being totally committed to timely permanency outcomes and the long term healthy growth and development of the children and families it serves.
Lindokuhle Community Project will be recognized by the community as the place to go for help for parents who have or want the challenge of parenting children who have been in the system.
Lindokuhle Community Project will be recognized in the community, the province of Mpumalanga and nationally as an effective collaborator and partner in expanding and improving resources for children and families at risk.
Lindokuhle Community Project will be recognized by its staff for continuous quality improvement, fair and innovative employment practices, cultural competence, and opportunities for professional growth.
Lindokuhle Community Project’s Board of Directors is diverse, highly committed and involved in all aspects of the organisational development, public relations and fund development.
Lindokuhle Community Project will strive to find a diversified, sustainable, funding base that will be sufficient to provide quality services and employ highly qualified staff.
Lindokuhle Community Project will maintain up to date information systems and is able to document quality outcomes, efficiency, and effectiveness in all aspects of its operations.


• To support families affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.
• Rendering services to terminal ill patients, the disabled and orphans.
• Avail resources and centres to all infected and affected.
• To provide HIV/AIDS community awareness programs.
• Provide nutritional information and products.
• Ensure the availability of support groups to those who need it.

• Championing of home based care.
• To implement this as poverty alleviation project that will also generate income.
• Conducting workshops, presenting life skills and other educational matters.
• Provide counselling sessions to those who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.
• Provide medical administration and nutritional services.